Saturday, March 13, 2010

Birthday Week

"Gracyn, how old are you?"
"No, you're three."
"No, I four."

So our baby turned three this week and she seems to think she is a little older than she actually is. On her birthday, we headed out for ice cream at our favorite place. We all enjoyed the birthday treat and she enjoyed the phone calls from all her grandmas and grandpas. Thank you! We did have a few presents to open and Alicyn had told me she would like to give Gracyn new jammies, so I picked up some cute princess jammies and told her that was her gift to give. She was so somber while she was wrapping them because she loved it so much and obviously wanted to keep them for herself. Eventually she said, "Mom, do you think you can get me these for my birthday?" Giving can be so tough sometimes.

Today, Grandma Dawn came up for the day and we celebrated some more. The girls helped me assemble the rainbow cake this morning and thankfully, we found some ladybugs at a craft store, so I didn't have to make them. My attention this week was on painting the girls and guest room, so it was great to have an easy cake this year. I put the cake on the table before lunch and noticed Gracyn hovering near it and a small swipe of frosting was mysteriously missing. She looked up so cute with a blob of white across her cheek (which she didn't know was there). Pointing to the cake I said, "Who ate this frosting?" She grins and says, "Don't know. Not me."
Ha! Happy Birthday sweetie!

Still not going to post pics of the rooms. We're not done yet, but it's looking really nice. :)

Eats? Nothing too exciting...
S - frz pizza...? i don't remember. busy painting...
M- Chicken, green beans, pineapple
T - Subway and Ice Cream
W - left over Chicken
R - Spaghetti (venison and hm marinara), salad
F - left overs Spaghetti, salad
S - Tuscan Soup, Salad, Bread

Sunday, March 7, 2010


We've got some happy girls in the house! Alicyn says,"Mommy, I will never change this color. It is lovely. This is such a cute room." From Gracyn, "I like pink." That's right, not only is the room glowing, so are the girls. "Mom, I can't believe you painted my room pink." I can't either darling, but I'm so happy you are enjoying it.

We've had a fun week. Justyn and I made it to Green Bay for a date night. We had dinner out and took in some acoustic tunes. The girls had a chance to play with lots of friends this week and yesterday we resumed the Saturday morning walk to the bakery. Yummy! Then off to swim and dinner at a friend's house. We are so thankful for friends here in Shawano and warmer temperatures to enjoy the great outdoors.

Gracyn's been giving us lots of smiles and she is ready to turn three this week, although she will tell you she is turning four. On Thursday, we went to a friends house for a birthday dinner and we took some Dairy Queen treats as a gift. I was explaining to her that we were not going to eat it, but it was a gift. From the back seat I hear, "Mommy, I don't want a rainbow cake." I said, "What? Why, don't you want your rainbow cake?" She's made sure to let everyone know she is having a rainbow cake with lady bugs on it, so why the big sudden change? "I want ice cream!" So cute. "Oh honey, you can have ice cream with your cake."

Alicyn is busy. She loves school and I can't keep enough projects in front of her. Today she danced around the house in a mismatched leotard, tights and tutu and I heard her ask daddy if there are more colors in heaven.

This weeks eats:
S - pork tacos, broccoli/cauliflower salad
M - bbq pork sandwich, coleslaw
T -a warm day with surprise hike interrupted dinner plans, daddy made the girls mac-n-cheese so I could make it to volleyball. thanks daddy, the girls loved it!
W -more tacos, but they were really good
R - friend's house for dinner
F - out to green bay
S - frz pizza and fluff

Thanks to a favorable forecast, tomorrow we grill!