Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Alicyn!

It's official, she has moved on to 4 despite Justyn and I telling her to stop growing.  This morning we had a special peach oatmeal birthday breakfast.  She wore a left over party hat (from someone else's party) all day and was a little over protective of her balloon.  According to Ali, her highlight was eating cake.  She decided to forgo the Pooh Bear or Princess cake and decided a Pony cake would fit her best.  It was super simple to make - just added the Pony to the top and called it good.  We were all anxious for daddy to come home so we could cut into it.  Naturally, Gracyn was excited about cake as well.  We hit the park - Alicyn rode her bike - because she is 4 now and getting soooo big.  For dinner, her special request was mac n cheese, which I made homemade to make it special.  She told me - as only a young child can get away with - I like the other kind better.:)  We also had a chance to eat outside, so that was a birthday highlight.  Our lil' ladies love the outdoors.  While looking out at the water, Alicyn said, "Dad, do you see that?  I think I see a whale out there."  :)  We finished the night with a few gifts and a precious bag of cotton candy. Happy Birthday, Sweetie!