Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A day away.

The girls and I had the chance to ride along with Justyn, so Sunday morning we headed out to Madison. We checked in and invited the cousins over for some swimming fun. The boys ran out and delivered us some warm Gyros. Yummy! Thanks for coming to play with us Murphy family!

In the evening we strolled State street and carefully chose our dessert. The girls each picked out a chocolate at the candy shop - which Alicyn asked to go back to the next day. And we couldn't walk by our favorite ice cream with out making sure it tastes the same in every town we visit, so it was a delightfully tasteful day.

Monday the girls and I entertained ourselves while Justyn worked, but we met back up with him in the afternoon. You'll notice they really enjoyed the tulips planted around the capital building and having lemonade on top of the terrace was a hit (Alicyn's favorite activity of the day).
Justyn and I's favorite was visiting the Arboretum. The blooms were AMAZING and I am so grateful we had the opportunity to visit.

Quickly this weeks eats:
S - (guests) pork or blk bean and spinach enchiladas, salad, guac, strawberry pie
S - fzn pizza, salad
M - left over enchiladas
T - egg pie w broc and mushroom
W - pasta salad
R - left overs
F - to friends for chili
S - hm pizza
S - out in madison - Gyros!
Something cute I heard this week as Justyn was running upstairs to change out of his work clothes..."Daddy, where are you going?" "Upstairs to change." "Daddy, put something pretty on!"

Working on uploading the pics...