Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Leader?

I prefer to think of my little Ali as a leader. Some may recognize it as bossy, but I'll keep on telling myself she is a leader. Here are a few of her bossy language skills. "Mommy. You sit here!" "Mommy. You play play-dough!" "Daddy. You don't do that." "Gracyn wants this one." I'm praying for patience and keep reminding myself she is two. Her favorite conversations include her friends. Bella, Bella and Bella. "We go swimming. I go on the slide with Bella. Bella goes in the water with her daddy." Most mornings revolve around how Amelia didn't want to ride the train at Bay Beach (last August) and still, "I go in the jumper with ME-A-MA." Next week we are starting up with music class again, so that should provide some new fiends and some fresh entertainment.

Gracyn is becoming quite the leader herself. She still refuses to crawl, so is rather vocal about wanting attention and wanting some fingers to hold on to. She loves to pull up and walk with guidance. Her two favorite tricks are waving and signing more all while flashing a brilliant smile.

Is the sun shining anywhere else or did I get left behind? I love Wisconsin, but all this gray is getting REALLY old. Thankfully it is snowing, so that keeps a fresh glow on the monotone hues. But the real glimmer of hope is shining to the east 40 miles where the Packers are getting ready to host the Giants this weekend. Who knew it would be such a fantastic year? Alicyn likes to watch football with Daddy and says "Go Packers". Most of you know I'm a little bit anti-cheerleader, but I'm going to have to break my stance this weekend. She will be too precious in her Packer outfit with pig-tails and pom poms. ;)

Justyn is doing well. A leak in our roof kept him busy the past week. Poor guy. We just looked at each other like .... I don't even know how to describe it, but it's too natural to have more projects on this house. Nothing could really surprise us.

So I turned 30 and haven't felt right since. I have something, but not sure what it is. Hopefully it will go away soon. Pretty much every muscle in my body is tender like I worked out hard, but... I didn't. Did someone forget to tell me this is what 30 feels like? Thanks to Justyn for 2 buckets of paint for my birthday (and some nice flowers), I was able to cover the annoying yellow color (if you saw it, you know) in the hall, paint our bedroom a new fantastic creamy yellowish color and paint our ceilings white. It's nice to have those projects wrapped up, so we can move on.

I wrote. I'll let Justyn post some new pics. Happy New Year Everyone!