Monday, October 1, 2007

Weekend Fun

Rise and shine! It's time to have some fun. We met the day with some super oatmeal and daddy delighted us with a strawberry banana smoothie to go (a family favorite). Hitting the highway was a great day to get started watching for some lovely fall colors. Ali even joined in on the fun watching for cows, barns, corn and colorful trees. Crossing in to Door County, Justyn spied some coffee as we passed by, "Do you want to stop?" He gave me a, "Sure." So began the day of many turn arounds. This was also Alicyn's first store where holding mommy's hand was absolutely mandatory. Up the road we were all able to relax a bit at the apple orchard. Justyn took her on a wagon ride and she especially enjoyed running around the trees and tasting the different apples. Gracyn even got in the picking mood. Twenty pounds of apples later we moved on, but at .69/lbs. we couldn't pick too many, right? Lunch was delivered via the train at a local restarant. Both girls loved this and Justyn and I enjoyed watching their faces. After some yummies, we hiked around two state parks to enjoy the colors and Lake Michigan. Culver's was calling our name on the way home with the Pecan Caramel flavor of the day, but with two sleeping beauties in the back we dare not chance the stop. A perfect day? It was pretty close.