Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bless Duck.

Alicyn's been catching on to praying. At the table she often says, "Thank you food, thank you water, thank you yogurt. Bless our food. Amen." Last night at bedtime she expanded her prayers to "bless old baby, bless daddy, bless sleep, and BLESS DUCK!" Ofcourse, Duck can never fully comprehend the friend she has been for our lil' girl, but we are certainly lucky to have Duck in the family. Alicyn always knows just where she might be and if we can't find her she says, "Oh, Duck's hiding."

"I go music class." Who knew these 45 minutes a week would be so important. Every morning she wakes up and let's us know, "I go music class today." She's been patiently waiting and thankfully today we will go. Unfortunately, this is the last "class" until after the Holidays. Have no fear, Daddy has been taking Alicyn swimming once or twice a week, so she has something else to look forward to.

Gracyn is doing well. She is working on her waving skills and Justyn was pretty confident he had her saying "foot.... ball" this weekend. Sure, honey. :) She STILL hates tummy time. You would think she is the most miserable girl in the world, so I'm pretty sure we will not be crawling too soon.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!