Monday, September 15, 2008


Loud shrill, "Gracyn's biting me!"
"Daddy...Daddy!  You go to work today?"
"Daddy, what you do at work today?"
"Hmmm.  I play with Kyle."
"My undies are wet, but that's okay."
"Is it bed time yet?"
"Does it rain today?"

"Nack!"  (Snack, said with much enthusiam)
"Iah, Iah, Iah."  (Josiah)
"Mil, Mil, Mil."  (Milk)
"EEEEEEEEE"  (Please)
"Na! Na! Na!"  (Banana)
"Wing!"  (Swing)
"BAAAA."  (Bath)

Gracie's latest trick is to climb up on the table via the chairs.  Needless to say, all the chairs are stacked on top of the loveseat until this little "phase" passes.  Her latest sign is "Love you".  TOO CUTE!  We'll try to post a video of that soon.