Saturday, November 14, 2009

Big donut, Little girl

Saturday morning bakery.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Another sick one

It seems that since schoool has started the illness jsut gets passed around the family. Last week Alicyn missed 2 days of school. This week, gracyn hasn't been feeling well :(

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Beautiful Fall Colors

We have a big maple tree just outside our window that turns a beautiful gold in the falls and when the sun hits it just right, it's magnificent.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Early Fall

The last few weeks have found us settling in to an early fall routine. We are excited for the arrival of fall, but dreading the misery of the months to follow. Justyn keeps reminding us it'll be easier this year with all the wood to burn. The girls are busy as always, playing games, singing songs, "helping" mommy. Door County welcomed us last weekend for our final camping outing for the year. The weather was nice and we had a chance to do 40lbs of apple picking. Where apples abound, baking is to be found. Gracyn is especially interested in the kitchen. She is very clever with her snitching ways... Alicyn enjoyed some golfing with Papa Daniel and Grandma Karen. They even let her do a little driving, so she was very excited. We celebrated Justyn's birthday by making a nice dinner and cream puffs. Alicyn was concerned when we didn't light a candle and sing, so we did that the next night. She is enjoying school and has made a few new friends. She is very quiet in class, but is quite chatty when we make it to the car with all of the afternoon happenings. Of course that includes what she had for snack and the who chose chocolate milk report. :) Enjoy a few new pics.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sisterly Love

After a short game of duck duck goose, these two had some fun on the slide. I love my cute little girls!

Monday, September 28, 2009

A fun weekend but a sick kiddo

We had a great weekend playing in Door County. We camped at Peninsula State Park, picked 40 pounds of apples, rode our bikes a lot, and didn't miss our ole favorite ice cream-Wilson's. Unfortunately, Alicyn had a fever when we got home, so she missedher first day of school today :(

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Summer is over?

School is starting and there is a freeze warning tonight, so I guess we have to say good bye to our summer 09, but we're not sure it ever really made an appearance. Justyn's been busy wrapping up a few projects and starting some new ones. Ali is excited to be a preschooler this year and to be riding her bike - no training wheels needed, although we have to catch her to stop. Always with giggles and smiles, Gracyn is our lil' charmer these days. Life is good.

A few new pics for you...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ahhhh, Sweet Summer

How sweet it is. Summer school ended for e on July 24, and it's been vacation since and will be for a few more weeks. Our nephew Trevor flew in from Nebraska on the 19th, spent a week in Shawano with us, and then he, Jonathan (my brother), Rae, and I headed to Isle Royale for about a week to do some backpacking! I've posted pictures (above). We had a great time. Trevor enjoyed some disc golf, mountain biking, a ski show, batting cages, golf... all before the trip. Once we headed to the island, we did some backpacking. After trading packs with Rae because he's too darn skinny, it was smooth sailing. We hiked about 15 miles with packs and another 15 without. We got home last Thursday at about 11:30 pm and Trevor's family got here at about 5am Friday morning, so we were on the go right away when we got home. Trevor and I went golfing with his dad on Friday while the girls went to the park with Trevor's brothers. Saturday, we headed to Packer's Training Camp and Bay Beach. Sunday, the Halstead's drove down to the Dells, and we joined them at a waterpark for the day Monday. And on Tuesday............. WE REST! Ahhhh, beautiful!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Father's Day

First, Daddy we love you!  We hope you enjoyed your fun weekend as much as we did.  I think the pictures will prove you did.  We found a super park!  It took some effort to get there - two ferries on Lake Michigan - but it was well worth the effort.  We will go back.  The girls were great campers, helped out with dishes, hiked, played in the sand, picked flower arrangements and Alicyn let me use her glow stick when I went to the out-house.  Thank you, sweetheart.  You are so kind to mommy.

Justyn and I celebrated 8 easy years today.  We have been blessed beyond words already and look forward to what's ahead.  Somethings stirring for our future....what will it be? (and no we are not preggo.)  :)   You'll notice in one of the pics, Justyn is retrieving his wedding ring from a rushing river. He says it slipped off while playing ball with Hunter....I totally didn't believe it went in the water, just another Justyn joke, but when he started taking off his pants to climb in... I believed.  I love his big smile when he found it.  Just like the smile when I put it on his finger 8 years ago.  I love you, PJ. 

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Seriously, people call this summer time?  We put our coats away way too early this year.  Ugh.  Summer is way to short too take so long to get here. 

Beyond weather, the past month has gone well. Grandma and Papa Poulos kept the girls for part of a week while Justyn and I headed to Chicago.  (Thank you to grandparents.  Welcome home from Florida.) Justyn had work, I had time off from girls.  Positives for the city - a little culture, good eats, long walks and I actually finished a book.  Negatives - traffic, noise, crowds, shopping.  We were anxious to get home to the girls and our quiet dead end street.

Mt. Biking near Wausau.  It felt great.  Nothing better than getting on the bike the next day and your bottom being ... sensitive -ouch!

Had lunch at Lambeau with Conrad Clan.  Nice to catch up and see the Packers' building.

Camping up near Boulder Junction.  Wonderful chance to get outdoors.  Good times had by all and we hope to go back later in the summer.  Lots of bike riding :)

Had a little constuction project going on and we are happy to say it is finished.  New roof and deck.  Done.  Although, we hired it out, Justyn had his share of headaches.  He's thrilled the guys are out of here, and I am too.  Now the girls and I can play outside.

Today a trip to Bay Beach.  Slide, ferris wheel, kiddie rides.  We love it.  It never gets old with our lil' ones.  Lots of smiles and giggles.  Justyn started his summer, but he doesn't really have off until the end of July as he is gearing up for summer school.  We have lots of plans for camping - gotta get out doors while we can!

Girls are great.  We are holding them a little tighter this week as a girl we knew was suddenly taken home to Jesus.  A car accident.  She was on fire for the Lord and her life no doubt reflected Jesus' love to everyone - thousands she came in contact with.  It's been incredible to see all the testimonies of the lives this one girl touched in only 18 years.  She certainly touched ours and before the accident we had often reflected on the light she was shining - shining the gospel.  Are we shining?  She has certainly left us with a heavy message and a desire to know, serve, and glorify Him more deeply than before.   

Enjoy the  pics,

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

A day at the ocean....ok, maybe not the ocean - Lake Michigan.   We didn't have school on Friday, so we joined my mom at a state park on Lake Michigan.  After a nice bike ride, we had a picnic lunch and played in the sand.  Then, we played in the sand some more.  and some more....

The girls wore themselves out.  Both were sound asleep in the car within about 5 minutes of leaving the park.  

This morning the girls and I got up and made mom some waffles for breakfast.  If the weather holds out, we're hoping to go to a county park after church to play.   

Rae has been such an amazing mother.  Alicyn, Gracyn, and I love you and thank you for all you do, which is too much to list! 

Happy mother's day!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Alicyn!

It's official, she has moved on to 4 despite Justyn and I telling her to stop growing.  This morning we had a special peach oatmeal birthday breakfast.  She wore a left over party hat (from someone else's party) all day and was a little over protective of her balloon.  According to Ali, her highlight was eating cake.  She decided to forgo the Pooh Bear or Princess cake and decided a Pony cake would fit her best.  It was super simple to make - just added the Pony to the top and called it good.  We were all anxious for daddy to come home so we could cut into it.  Naturally, Gracyn was excited about cake as well.  We hit the park - Alicyn rode her bike - because she is 4 now and getting soooo big.  For dinner, her special request was mac n cheese, which I made homemade to make it special.  She told me - as only a young child can get away with - I like the other kind better.:)  We also had a chance to eat outside, so that was a birthday highlight.  Our lil' ladies love the outdoors.  While looking out at the water, Alicyn said, "Dad, do you see that?  I think I see a whale out there."  :)  We finished the night with a few gifts and a precious bag of cotton candy. Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Too Small and Too Cute

So I got home from work yesterday, and we're all getting ready to go play at the park for awhile. It's about 60 degrees and Alicyn grabs her winter jacket to wear. I tell her I think it's too warm for that jacket. She says she wants to wear it and thinks it's kind of cold out. I get her spring jacket out and say, "I'd wear this one because it's pretty warm out.". She looks at the jacket and says, "that one is too small.". Rae and I give each other a confused look because she wore the spring jacket last week. Then Alicyn says in all seriousness, "Daddy, that jacket is too small for you."
Too cute!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


It's sturgeon season. Two blocks south of us, the river is dammed and lake sturgeon spawn at the dam every April. We've been down most days this week to watch. This morning the DNR was there netting and tagging the fish. It's quite a sight. They are some of the biggest and ugliest fish you've ever seen! Here's a cool live webcam of the fish:

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring? Is that you?

Finally, some weather to get excited about!  We've been out and about and soaking it all in.  Playing outside all day and eating on the patio the past two nights - well, most of us were eating.  "Mommy, this soup is yucky," was Alicyn's enthusiastic reply to her homemade broccoli soup tonight.  "Oh, well.  We don't always get to eat what we like."  My compassionate response.  ;)  "You gave me too much, Mom." She actually did eat it and decided it wasn't all so bad... lol.  Making me laugh thinking of her face!

Last night Justyn asked me if I had found my glasses yet - which have been missing about a week.  We had searched 2 homes and a motel room for them over the past week.  She must have over heard us and came to us so sweetly and matter of fact, "Mommy.  Here are your glasses."  She handed them over and walked away.  Apparently she found them in my bag. "In the middle." She insisted like I had been looking in all the wrong places and it was obvious they were IN THE MIDDLE.  Cute stuff.  

Justyn is off to kayak tonight.  Too bad for him.  I actually had a surprise planned and babysitting arranged....  Big mistake.  ;)

Gracyn is growing as well.  So happy to have her feet really under her this spring where as last year she was just beginning to walk.  Loving the park and slide.  "Again, again!" She is proud to tell you she is two.  Loves to hum a lil' tune and gives a great hug (usually after attempting to bite or pinch you).  She thinks her lil' giggle/smile can fix any wrong which Justyn was quick to point out sounds a lot like me.

We had a great Easter weekend visiting family and friends.  Had a chance to play at some parks and swim in the hotel pool.  Everyone was so well behaved.  One gal in a restaurant commented on my beautiful family and how well behaved they were.  You bet!  They are precious!  I didn't mention they weren't all mine.  Cute thing on Sunday morning, we had the opportunity to worship with my friend Leslie and her husband, Andy in Iowa.  We were telling the girls about going to this new church and how special it is to be with friends to celebrate Jesus rising from the grave.  We pull in the parking lot and Ali asks kind of frantic, "Daddy is this church?  Where's the cross?"  Our home church has a big ol' cross out front, so she was confused.. hmm this is one of those you had to be there stories.  Trust me, it was cute... Moving on.

While sitting next to my friend's piano, I told her how much I wished I had one - even though I can not play - I have musical roots (that skipped me) and I'm hoping to give the girls (at least) a chance... anyway, she found me a free hand me down.  Just like that.  Justyn is going to call on it and we may be getting a piano to ... look at.  :) Grandma Alice, it'll be waiting for you!  

May's coming.  Alicyn is trying to decide between a Pooh Bear or Care Bear cake.  Big decision for an almost 4 year old.

Enjoy your spring weather!


Friday, March 13, 2009

A night at the movies and more

We had some fun this week watching videos on something other than our whopping 20" tv. I was at a conference and needed to take a projector, so to test it out....we watched Little Mermaid on the wall. Alicyn wasn't sure how it stays on the wall though. They loved it. We had lots of fun with it.

Rae is recovering well from her knee surgery. She's getting a little more mobile, but has been sore in the afternoons....

Good weather is supposed to be coming our way this weekend into next week. We're excited to get a spring feeling. Everyone's got cabin fever around here!!!!
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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Gracyn!!!

Gracie will turn 2 tomorrow.  Grandma Dawn came up today and we had a little birthday celebration.  Gracyn's favorite book these days is "The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza" so Rae decided she would make a pizza cake for Gracyn.  Fun Stuff!!!!  Gracyn loved it.  Alicyn loved it.  We all loved it!!!  Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A few new pics

Our cuties are growing!  Check out our new pics.  Just a few to keep you in touch.  Notice the warm sunny day we had to play outside.  Bliss.   We also had a chance to run to The Cities to visit Amelia. She and Ali Poulos had a great time.  Hmmm... Gracie looks stuck,  I better go help. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter Pics

Winter Winter Go Away
We want to go outside to play.
Mama says something about wind chill
Playing inside, we've had our fill!
There's books, painting, projects, pretend
This is boring, when will it end?
Warm up, warm up, even a few
Then outside we'll be with wonders anew.
Snowmen, sledding, Hunter to play
Possibly a puddle and the park someday!
I'm dreaming of a hike and the slip-n-slide,
Delighting while taking our bikes for a ride.
Ladybugs to catch, the garden to grow
A flower to smell and the bakery to go.
Give us some sunshine, make it warmer today
Oh, Winter Winter go away!

UGH.  Is it too soon for Spring Fever?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Super Weekend

I'd like to thank my husband for a lovely Saturday.  I'm totally spoiled.  He fixed omletts while I took Hunter for a little stroll around the neighborhood.  It was a literally a little stroll as it was 8 degrees outside, but it was wonderful to get out and breathe some crisp fresh air.  Next he played with the girls (and made me tissue paper flowers) while I met a friend for a cup of tea and he had a the girls napping when I got home.  :)  When they woke up, he took them outside to play while I had my own time to get ready for our evening getaway - dinner and music at a coffee shop.  Loved it!  A little piece of acoustic bliss.  We left feeling very encouraged.  

This morning it was off to worship.  Today's service was all about family blessings.  There is something very special about standing under the cross with your children and having leadership pray for your family to be blessed in the new year.  Again, we left encouraged.

The girls are great.  Alicyn seems to be doing a growth spurt as she is eating everything.  Yesterday I told her I was going to make an egg pie and she said, "Hmmm, Mom, I was thinking maybe an apple pie."  Gracyn has slowed down; although, she would love to "NACK!" all day.  She's becoming more and more vocal and can certainly communicate her wants and needs.  In the mornings, we wake up to Gracyn saying, "mama, MAma, MAMAAA! daaaaad, DAAAaaad, DAD!"   Both have been full of snuggles lately.  Again, encouraging.  

Ah and Justyn found out the wood stove should be installed in the next few weeks.  He's so excited! All of us are encouraged with the possibility of a slightly more cozy home.

Friday, January 2, 2009

There's a birthday girl in the house....

Rae turned 31 today!!!!   I think she enjoyed her day of sleeping in, getting a message and haircut, and doing a little relaxing :)  The girls made Christmas cards with fingerpaint for her this morning while she slept in - they had fun and mommy was appreciative.   We also got to top off the day with some Dairy Queen ice cream cake!  Yummy!

Happy birthday dear!