Friday, April 13, 2007

New Pix and New Info

Hi everyone. We had a nice Easter weekend spending some time with Aunt Jenna, Uncle Eddie and Grandma Dawn in Milwaukee. We had a fun trip to Trader Joe's before Alicyn had her first Chuckie Cheese's visit and she wasn't disappointed with all the games and little rides. We came back to Shawano for Easter Sunday. It was too cold for Alicyn to wear her pretty new green dress to church, so we decided to save it for her birthday. She teased us by going on the big girl potty a few times this week. She's not that interested yet. Last night she confirmed her climbing skills by scaling up and INTO Gracyn's crib. Thankfully, Gracyn was with us or she would have been squished for sure. So daddy will be climb proofing the crib (there's a video of her climbing in on the left side of the screen). Gracyn is doing well and giving us some much needed rest by sleeping better. She's looking forward to spending time outside this week when the weather finally turns to spring. I'm sure her big sister would love to take her to the park. :) Check out our updated pics.