Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Father's Day

First, Daddy we love you!  We hope you enjoyed your fun weekend as much as we did.  I think the pictures will prove you did.  We found a super park!  It took some effort to get there - two ferries on Lake Michigan - but it was well worth the effort.  We will go back.  The girls were great campers, helped out with dishes, hiked, played in the sand, picked flower arrangements and Alicyn let me use her glow stick when I went to the out-house.  Thank you, sweetheart.  You are so kind to mommy.

Justyn and I celebrated 8 easy years today.  We have been blessed beyond words already and look forward to what's ahead.  Somethings stirring for our future....what will it be? (and no we are not preggo.)  :)   You'll notice in one of the pics, Justyn is retrieving his wedding ring from a rushing river. He says it slipped off while playing ball with Hunter....I totally didn't believe it went in the water, just another Justyn joke, but when he started taking off his pants to climb in... I believed.  I love his big smile when he found it.  Just like the smile when I put it on his finger 8 years ago.  I love you, PJ.