Friday, February 12, 2010


We've had a busy busy week. Justyn had a few meetings in southern Wisconsin, so he took us along and we spent some time at Grandma Dawn's. The girls spent a lot of time making Valentine's cards and Alicyn is excited to distribute them today at school. I had a chance to go shopping by myself and it was fun. Lots of clearance to be found right now. Justyn and I had a few dinners out, so that was also enjoyable and we had a chance to catch up with friends. We spent an extra day because of the snow storm, but made it home with no problems after the snow passed.

The girls this week:
Alicyn has been busy practicing her letter sounds and organizing her letter books and magnets. She's very much a daddy's girl and cried for him not to leave this morning. I imagine that breaks daddy's heart as he leaves for work. If he wasn't so cool, it wouldn't be a problem. :) In the car this week she kept asking, "What is this for, what is that for, what is that?" She only wanted daddy to play the game because apparently my answers weren't good (creative) enough and it was a long ride home for daddy.

Gracyn is having fewer and fewer accidents although when she does have one she takes off her pants, takes them down stairs to the laundry and then tells me, "Mommy, I potty in my undies, but that's okay." Then she gives this sigh, which no doubt is my frustrated, exhausted sigh of disapproval. It's so cute when she does it, less cute when it comes from me and I'm embarrassed that she learned if from me. She loves to help in the kitchen and is always saying, "I get that for you." Her favorite is announcing to the house while running to the table, "Time to eat, Ali."

This weekend we are planning to get outside. Hooray! It's beautiful with sunshine.

What's been cooking? I think I'm behind a week, since we traveled, but here's the summary:
S - blintz with peaches
M- italian sausage sandwich, coleslaw
T- spinach omletes
W - chili (venison)
R - left over chili

W - eggs, turkey bacon
R - artichoke/spinach lasagna, greek salad
F - a night off. going to a friend's house!

Have a great Valentine's Day everyone!