Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Having girls is really fun. At this point we can't really imagine having boys.

Daddy took Alicyn with to buy new tires this week. "Daddy, let's go buy new tires, daddy." As they waited for them to be put on, they walked through a few nearby shops. Alicyn seems to be catching on to shopping as she would look at the product and then explain, "Nice pencil. Nice play dough. Nice cards. Nice flowers." and finally, "Nice new tires." Today she told me she wanted to wear a bib that Grandma made. I guess the plastics aren't "nice" enough anymore. :) Potty training is pretty much complete, so that is extremely exciting for the whole family. Her current favorite bedtime book is Wishing Stars and she is happy to count for you (five stars).

Gracyn, not to be left out, has found her voice. She is certain to use it if you are ignoring her or if she is hungry. This past week we started yogurt, egg yolk, cottage cheese, and she is self feeding crackers and toast. I am able to sneak avocado in by desguising it with a banana. :) She enjoys sitting on the floor playing with toys and continues to despise tummy time.

Over the past month we've had some great times with family and friends. My mom was able to make a quick trip with my Aunt Shirley. Jenna and Ed made a quick visit also. We are heading to the Twin Cities this weekend to stay with friends. Alicyn is especially excited to see her friend "A-me-a-ma" (Amelia). She's been calling her on a pretend phone to make plans. It should be a "nice" weekend for all. We'll post new pics when we get home!