Monday, November 8, 2010

Good Boy.

October flew by for us. We spent some time hauling wood - well, Justyn mostly got that privilege thanks to me having an injury. I should be healed up soon, but the leaves are done and the wood is stacked so it's a little to late for helping with chores. Justyn had a chance to visit Salt Lake City and Illinois for work. I had a chance to ride along with Gracyn to the pumpkin farm for her first preschool field trip. Together as a family, we spent a Saturday at the local nature center where we were treated a wild wagon ride. Much to the girls delight, we found a water park towards the end of the month. Thanks to Grandma Dawn for the cute lady bugs. The girls enjoyed them very much.

Our biggest news for October is the loss of our pal Hunter. We miss him much. Alicyn is carrying around her Hunter stuffed animal which was given to her a few years ago - he looks pretty similar too. Gracyn asks me, "Mom are you sad? Me too." As for Justyn and I - we are just plain missing our dog. He was very much a part of our family and was so gracious giving up his only" child" status. It's really ridiculous what a good boy he was. We know we are blessed to have had him in our home. So in honor of our good boy, there are a few pics of Hunter.