Thursday, April 15, 2010


We have entered into the most precious stage with our girls. There is alway something fantastic coming out of their mouths. Tonight Alicyn and I were praying together and we said a prayer for her someday husband. When we said our amens, "Mom, I'm going to marry daddy." Sure thing, honey, I'd marry him again too. :) No doubt our little Alicyn is head over heels for her daddy. She was so excited he got to take and pick her up from school today. Gracyn rode along and standing at the door waiting she says, "Daddy, I go too?" Then she points to me, "Mommy, you stay home. I be right back." So I did the dishes while daddy and the girls ran to school.

We had fantastic friends over the weekend. Thank you for making the visit friends! We love you guys. You'll find a few pics of their girls. We took them out to a maple syrup "farm" where we all enjoyed a wagon ride. The girls took to singing Jingle Bells which was a real treat for everyone on the wagon. And when friends come over we eat well. We've filled our cream and butter quota for the year, but that won't stop us from enjoying more...

Fun eats this past week - the kitchen has been busy!
baked falafel, hm grilled bread, hm tzatkiki sauce
creamy italian goodness with baked chicken
tiramasu thing
creme brulee french toast w/peaches
carne asada tacos - yummy!
grilled our first burgers this week
split pea soup
almost forgot the healthy blueberry pie! - which we smoothered in fresh whip cream...

At the very end of the slide show, I'll put a few of the pics I've taken for other people...
Have a great weekend everyone!