Tuesday, June 3, 2008

More Good Times

Gracie is on the move. She just took off this past week with go, go, go. She giggles when she gets across a room and then turns around to do it again. It's too precious. Tonight she practiced combing daddy's hair. Not much for combing, but it was a great time for her. She continues to eat great amounts and usually finishes Alicyn's leftovers. The spoon is her next great task.

Ali informed me God lives in a little house and He has cookies. In fact she went to His house and had some of those cookies and then she said, "Kind of silly." She is a little girl desperate to get outdoors and we don't mind. "When daddy gets home, we go to Miracle Park." (Actually Memorial, but it's a mouthful for a 3 year old). Growing all to fast. Justyn planned on taking the girls to get a little payday treat - ice cream - last friday. I was hoping to stay home, get the dishes done and keep the treat away from my lips and backside, but when they were leaving and Alicyn looked back and said, " I love you, Mom. Bye, bye." I lost it. Dishes can wait. She is too perfect right now to miss any of it, so I hopped in the car and our happy little family went together. - And she wasn't too keen on sharing her favorite green ice cream, so not much of it made it to my lips :)

Another week and Justyn will be finished with school, but then getting ready to work for the summer school session. He is ready for a break. It's been a tough year. As for me, I've decided to catch up on some reading so I can actually contribute when attending book club. In the past 3 weeks, I've read Snowflower and the Secret Fan, Mutant Message and These is My Words (correct title). On Sunday afternoon, Justyn gave me a nice little gift by watching the girls after nap time, so I could loose myself in the hammock with a good book. It was a little piece of bliss and I had 3.5 hrs of time to myself!