Tuesday, December 7, 2010

November 2010

It's hard turning the calendar pages. For us, it's going much too quickly, so some slow down would be appreciated. November had Justyn working craziness. Alicyn had her first Girl Scouts meeting. Gracyn had a big week off to the lab for pokes, dentist, eval for speech and doctor visit for lab results to find out we repeat lab in 6 weeks. Poor thing. She is sick of being poked, but takes it so well. She's a strong little - correction, almost 4 year old- girl. No news for Rae, but the weather report of clouds (although pleasantly sunny today). I believe Justyn is tired of hearing my complaining and already I'm looking for a change. This usually happens in late January when I want my hair cut or I toy with the idea of coloring it (which I have never had the nerve to follow up with), sometimes I paint the house and other times I get online and dream of sunny places checking on home prices and job markets. All are good therapy for me, but hitting a little early this year since we haven't hit winter yet...ugh. We had a nice little Thanksgiving break at Grandma Dawn's.....phone call..... I'll stop my whining. Speech Path just called and she qualifies! Hooray!