Thursday, June 11, 2009


Seriously, people call this summer time?  We put our coats away way too early this year.  Ugh.  Summer is way to short too take so long to get here. 

Beyond weather, the past month has gone well. Grandma and Papa Poulos kept the girls for part of a week while Justyn and I headed to Chicago.  (Thank you to grandparents.  Welcome home from Florida.) Justyn had work, I had time off from girls.  Positives for the city - a little culture, good eats, long walks and I actually finished a book.  Negatives - traffic, noise, crowds, shopping.  We were anxious to get home to the girls and our quiet dead end street.

Mt. Biking near Wausau.  It felt great.  Nothing better than getting on the bike the next day and your bottom being ... sensitive -ouch!

Had lunch at Lambeau with Conrad Clan.  Nice to catch up and see the Packers' building.

Camping up near Boulder Junction.  Wonderful chance to get outdoors.  Good times had by all and we hope to go back later in the summer.  Lots of bike riding :)

Had a little constuction project going on and we are happy to say it is finished.  New roof and deck.  Done.  Although, we hired it out, Justyn had his share of headaches.  He's thrilled the guys are out of here, and I am too.  Now the girls and I can play outside.

Today a trip to Bay Beach.  Slide, ferris wheel, kiddie rides.  We love it.  It never gets old with our lil' ones.  Lots of smiles and giggles.  Justyn started his summer, but he doesn't really have off until the end of July as he is gearing up for summer school.  We have lots of plans for camping - gotta get out doors while we can!

Girls are great.  We are holding them a little tighter this week as a girl we knew was suddenly taken home to Jesus.  A car accident.  She was on fire for the Lord and her life no doubt reflected Jesus' love to everyone - thousands she came in contact with.  It's been incredible to see all the testimonies of the lives this one girl touched in only 18 years.  She certainly touched ours and before the accident we had often reflected on the light she was shining - shining the gospel.  Are we shining?  She has certainly left us with a heavy message and a desire to know, serve, and glorify Him more deeply than before.   

Enjoy the  pics,