Monday, April 5, 2010

A move to the farm?

Last week, "Mom, when I grow up I want to be a cowgirl." Today at the table, "I wished we lived on a farm with lots of animals. Do you wish that sometimes, Mom?" I reply, "Sure, sometimes, but there are a lot of chores to do on the farm." Alicyn, " Well, I would like to do chores if I lived on a farm ... and .... I could wear a fancy hat!"

We had a great Easter weekend celebrating our Risen Lord Jesus. I love Easter week! Christmas is inspirational, but for me the birth of Jesus isn't as impressive as the Resurrection- and you don't offend anyone when you say Happy Easter unlike the Merry Christmas controversy. A great time for reflection (not gifting madness) and Maundy Thursday service is perhaps my favorite of the whole year. It was a long day for the girls, so Justyn stayed home to start bedtime so I could go alone. I'm humbled every year and I treasure every moment. Friday and Sunday are good too, but Thursday is much more intimate and personal. It's a beautiful time for being still, communion and it stirs me every time. Mental note, must take more tissues. I love you Jesus and praise you for the wonderful work you've done in my life! I'll stop with my rant. Sunday, we relaxed in the afternoon and made ham and mashed potatoes. It was just us, so we didn't over do it and we were reminded our girls have never really cared for mashed potatoes. Gracyn spit them out and stated very matter of fact, "I don't like that." Hmm, something she doesn't like? :)

Friday we went up to Door County and spent the day at Potowatomi State Park. Park, picnic, hike, good times... Unfortunately, the camera battery died so I missed some great shots on the rocky beach. Bummer! Still a lovely day.

What have we been eating? Good question. I've been distracted with the camera, but don't worry we have been eating :) We've had a few really good dinners; kabobs and grilled pork, greek salads, lemon potatoes, grilled chicken, baked tempeh (my family was not impressed this time), tomato soup, bean burros and a new favorite kale quiche thing...yummy.

Have a super week everyone!

Sunday, April 4, 2010