Sunday, January 11, 2009

Super Weekend

I'd like to thank my husband for a lovely Saturday.  I'm totally spoiled.  He fixed omletts while I took Hunter for a little stroll around the neighborhood.  It was a literally a little stroll as it was 8 degrees outside, but it was wonderful to get out and breathe some crisp fresh air.  Next he played with the girls (and made me tissue paper flowers) while I met a friend for a cup of tea and he had a the girls napping when I got home.  :)  When they woke up, he took them outside to play while I had my own time to get ready for our evening getaway - dinner and music at a coffee shop.  Loved it!  A little piece of acoustic bliss.  We left feeling very encouraged.  

This morning it was off to worship.  Today's service was all about family blessings.  There is something very special about standing under the cross with your children and having leadership pray for your family to be blessed in the new year.  Again, we left encouraged.

The girls are great.  Alicyn seems to be doing a growth spurt as she is eating everything.  Yesterday I told her I was going to make an egg pie and she said, "Hmmm, Mom, I was thinking maybe an apple pie."  Gracyn has slowed down; although, she would love to "NACK!" all day.  She's becoming more and more vocal and can certainly communicate her wants and needs.  In the mornings, we wake up to Gracyn saying, "mama, MAma, MAMAAA! daaaaad, DAAAaaad, DAD!"   Both have been full of snuggles lately.  Again, encouraging.  

Ah and Justyn found out the wood stove should be installed in the next few weeks.  He's so excited! All of us are encouraged with the possibility of a slightly more cozy home.