Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ahhhh, Sweet Summer

How sweet it is. Summer school ended for e on July 24, and it's been vacation since and will be for a few more weeks. Our nephew Trevor flew in from Nebraska on the 19th, spent a week in Shawano with us, and then he, Jonathan (my brother), Rae, and I headed to Isle Royale for about a week to do some backpacking! I've posted pictures (above). We had a great time. Trevor enjoyed some disc golf, mountain biking, a ski show, batting cages, golf... all before the trip. Once we headed to the island, we did some backpacking. After trading packs with Rae because he's too darn skinny, it was smooth sailing. We hiked about 15 miles with packs and another 15 without. We got home last Thursday at about 11:30 pm and Trevor's family got here at about 5am Friday morning, so we were on the go right away when we got home. Trevor and I went golfing with his dad on Friday while the girls went to the park with Trevor's brothers. Saturday, we headed to Packer's Training Camp and Bay Beach. Sunday, the Halstead's drove down to the Dells, and we joined them at a waterpark for the day Monday. And on Tuesday............. WE REST! Ahhhh, beautiful!