Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Still Summer

It's still summer and as you can see we are going for the monthly post. Life is cruising along nicely for the Poulos' family. We've been in Shawano for one year now and feel content in every aspect of our lives. This is a great simple town and the more we explore, the more we enjoy our location.

Over the past week, we've taken a few drives up north to check out the national forest. It's less than an hour away with beautiful scenery, hiking, camping, lakes and rivers. What a nice getaway to have so close. We scoped out some potential campsites for the future and we are looking forward to our next outing.

The house is coming along. Justyn's been busy getting projects started and I've been busy keeping track of the little ladies. He's already installed 3 new doors. By the end of summer (or mid-fall), we have high hopes to have new exterior and interior paint (yes, the yellow is going), a bathroom remodel, trim finished, and a fence with steps to the water. We may be needing some motivation in a week or two, but if I promise Justyn some ice cream from his favorite shop, I'm sure he will endure.

Alicyn especially loves summer time. She helps us in the garden and waters the flowers around the yard. She doesn't pass up a chance to go swimming and practiced blowing bubbles in the water today. With summer and the chance to have her diaper off, she is advancing in her potty training skills. Skittles and jelly beans are helping the process along. Ofcourse her favorite "potty candy" is PINK! It won't be long and she will have to choose a new color of jelly bean.

Gracyn is also enjoying summer time. It gives her more chances to spend time with her daddy and they have a favorite book to read together. Her most recent doctor appointment went well. She is already 13.10, which is right in the middle for weight. Yeah! She loves to giggle and coo and should be rolling over any day now. She is sleeping great. Usually 7-5. :) That helps to make a happy family!

We've had a nice July seeing family and friends. We spent the 4th in the Milwaukee and West Bend area. We took some nice strolls on the lakefront and attempted a hike in the woods until the bugs drove us out. We'll try again when the weather cools off. We ate some wonderful food. We had a chance to visit with Grandma Marge in the hospital and meet up with friends for a picnic. Grandma Jean's memorial service was closed with a yummy Greek meal. Jonathan made a visit from Idaho. I beat him 3 times in air hockey (not bragging) and Justyn and I spanked Jonathan and Grandma Dawn in cribbage. More cards were played with Jenna, Ed and Jonathan when we all went camping. I believe Ed and Justyn were the winners in those games. Our friend, Kevin, also made a visit this past weekend. He and Justyn enjoyed some kayaking and time by the fire pit.

We rented a few movies lately. An Inconvenient Truth and The Good Shepherd are highly recommended.

Upcoming events include: A visit from our Twin City pals. Planning to camp in Door County