Friday, May 4, 2007


Alicyn is 2 today!!!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Happy Sleepers! ... and new pictures! click on the flowers!

THROUGH THE NIGHT! HURRAY! :) We've had some good nights around this house and everyone is pleased! It feels so good to get a chunk of rest. Last weekend we had a some great family time. Saturday morning began with Rae out on the kayak and then we took the traditional stroll to the bakery. We took the girls for photos in Greenbay and then hit Menards for some summer projects. After worship, on Sunday, we got Alicyn in the trailer for a bike ride with daddy. She repeated, "Daddy's bike, Daddy's bike" as Gracyn and I strolled along beside. We made it a trip to the park where Alicyn sat on the big tornado slide and refused to go down without her daddy. Later, Gracyn and Daddy had some quality time watching the Nascar race. Justyn played soccer with the boys and finally we met up with friends for dinner. This week Alicyn is looking forward to her birthday. We made cupcakes together yesterday. She says, "MMMMmmm...birthday cake." Very cute. She took her baby for stroll around the neighborhood yesterday, while I strolled with Gracyn. It was a long walk as Alicyn is now very careful not to walk on the busy ants. She is very loving with ALL God's creation. :) We will post some pics later. We've got some good ones. As I was typing this she said, "Momma. Stuck!" She had pulled the hamper over herself and ... was stuck.