Friday, February 26, 2010

Playing with Pics

We've had a great week. Justyn had a meeting in the Dells, so we were able to go along for some fun. The girls and I had some girly time on Monday exploring a nearby town. They had their first steamer (hot milk and flavor) at a cute lil' coffee shop. Alicyn especially loved sitting at the pretty table that was made for playing checkers and because our hot drinks were too hot, we had a the chance to walk around the other half of the store (a Christian gift/book shop) and ofcourse they found something they wanted. I almost said no (like usual), but we were having so much fun. My girls now have cute little Jesus necklaces that have been a hit all week. Next a stop at McDonald's which is another something that mom says no to, but the we had time to kill the play land was calling us. I have to admit it was fun. Next we checked into the hotel and I took the girls down to the waterpark all by myself, yet again, something I do not do and again success! Daddy joined us after his meeting for more fun and the girls and I headed home in the morning, but not before taking my little princesses to Denny's (yet another place you will not find me) and I have to admit again, it was wonderful. Clean, decorated in 50's style and the cutest children's pancakes at a reasonable price. The girls gobbled them up, like they always do pancakes and we made it back for school time by noon. After school, Alicyn was so tired. The plan was to have the girls come with me to volleyball and sit along the wall while I played since Justyn was out of town, but her tired eyes at 3p.m. were telling me it wasn't happening, so made a threat that only foolish parents make because it generally backfires and no one is happy, "Alicyn, you need to take a nap and if you don't there will be no going to volleyball." I didn't have a plan if she didn't other than - not going to volleyball. Praise the Lord, she fell asleep! Miracles do happen and Gracyn slept too! So up for supper and out the door to the gym. (p.s. all the above while not having a voice, I lost it Monday morning and found it again on Thursday)

So the girls and I had a great time. Justyn is home now and we have a laid back weekend ahead. We are watching a few kiddos on and off again for different friends. It's fun to help out, so others can have a little couple time. Oh, Alicyn is going to her first theater movie. The Princess and the Frog is hitting our cheap theater, so mommy gets to treat her this time. Gracyn wouldn't sit through it, so daddy is going to have a special date with her.

Photos have been fun. We took a little time last weekend and played around with some setting. So much to learn...

We registered Gracyn for 3 year old preschool for fall. It is just two mornings a week, but she is going to love it. She met her teacher and toured the room yesterday. It was very exciting for her. We heard Alicyn giving her a pep talk in the back of the car. "Okay, if you see me in the hall, you can just wave, but don't be loud and if you are sick, you'll have to stay home." Cute. They won't actually be at the same school until the following year.

Our menu is a little messy this week:
S- Super Yummy Breakfast Burro
M- Out and it wasn't that good :(
T - Tomato and Cuc, Avocado and Egg toss
W - HM Hamburger/Venison Helper
R - Sundried tomato chicken, hm biscuit, cauliflower/broccoli salad
F - Frozen pizza (kid watching), broccoli and cauliflower to dip
S - Pork Roast, spinach salad

Have a great weekend friends and family!