Sunday, May 20, 2007

Fun Times in Madison

It's been awhile since we've had the chance to sit and write. Our girls keep us busy until we fall into bed, but thankfully we get to stay in bed until early the next morning. Gracyn is sleeping 8-5, which is so wonderful! May 4th, Alicyn celebrated her second birthday. All week we prepped her by explaining birthdays and she especially enjoyed making the cupcakes with mom. "BIRTHDAAAAY CAKE", she would say over and over. Ofcourse, I made it with strawberries (her favorite fruit) and in the shape of ice cream cones (her favorite treat). It was a hit combination she has yet, two weeks later, to forget. She shared them with her friends in the morning and played her favorite games, Ring Around the Rosy and Up/Down. This Momma was happy to give her some paints, sidewalk chalk and paper for some play variety this summer. Grandma Dawn came to visit for the birthday weekend and Alicyn enjoyed her attention while Justyn and I had time to get some chores done outside. Now that she is a big two year old, Daddy took her for her first kayak ride. She loved it and says, "Daddy in boat, Momma in boat, Ali in boat."

The following weekend Autie Jenna came for a visit. Gracyn loves to smile at Auntie Jenna and Alicyn enjoyed pushing Jenna in the hammock. They are looking forward to Ella coming home to play with them soon.

Madison. Justyn had a conference in Madison on Thursday and Friday, so the girls and I rode along. It was a much needed getaway. We walked the streets downtown and had the opportunity to meet with friends and family in the evenings. Gracyn charmed Grandma and Papa Poulos for the first time. We will be seeing more of them now that they are home for the summer. Alicyn played with her friends Molly and Bella, but her highlight was the zoo. She was in awe looking at the animals and practiced her word and sound skills. The polar bear was her favorite.

Back in Shawano, we planted the garden yesterday. Gracyn snoozed in the stroller as the rest of us played in the dirt. Alicyn was helpful throwing in handfuls of seed (literally) and finding worms. Overalls, a dirty hat and a shovel in hand made her look the part of the official gardener. Our rows and plants might not look pretty, but we get bonus points for the cutest kids. :) Unfortunately, we didn't have the camera with us, but will get some next time. We did learn a valuable lesson to visit the garden BEFORE bath time!