Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter Pics

Winter Winter Go Away
We want to go outside to play.
Mama says something about wind chill
Playing inside, we've had our fill!
There's books, painting, projects, pretend
This is boring, when will it end?
Warm up, warm up, even a few
Then outside we'll be with wonders anew.
Snowmen, sledding, Hunter to play
Possibly a puddle and the park someday!
I'm dreaming of a hike and the slip-n-slide,
Delighting while taking our bikes for a ride.
Ladybugs to catch, the garden to grow
A flower to smell and the bakery to go.
Give us some sunshine, make it warmer today
Oh, Winter Winter go away!

UGH.  Is it too soon for Spring Fever?