Saturday, May 17, 2008

Lots of Fun

We've been having a great time this spring with the girls. Alicyn turned 3 on May 4th. She's getting so big! Just before her birthday she was walking down the steps, I walked over to pick her up, and she said, "No Dad, I'm getting 3." Sob sob. We bought her a 'big bike' last year at a garage sale. We finally pulled it out on her birthday. She's taken to it quite quickly, and she does a great job riding it. Lots of Fun.

Gracyn has started taking a few steps!!!! She's still lacking confidence, which seems to be her biggest stumbling block right now, but she enjoys trying to walk between Rae and I. Her personality is just blossoming right now. She loves to say "Hi" and wave, and she loves to give kisses. Lots of Fun.

We headed down to Madison last week for a few days. I had a conference for work. Rae and the girls went along. We checked out the zoo,went out for some pizza, and spent time with my step-sister, Melissa, and her family. They were gracious enough to let us stay with them, and Alicyn had a great time playing with Bella. Lots of Fun.