Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Pictures

Just wanted to share a few of the latest. Gracyn is showing off her standing skills. Notice you will not find her on her tummy in any of the photos. Alicyn loves to swim with daddy. She LOVED making her gingerbread house and daddy loved eating it. Notice she didn't want to share the ball blower with her lil' sister and see all the babies on the steps? She was busy playing and came into the kitchen, "Mommy, they naughty. They in time out." All those babies were in time out so I had to take a pic. LOL. It was too cute. Yesterday, while walking by the freezer section in the store she called out, "Look, ice cream!" I said, "Yes, but it's not good for us." She replied with, "Oh, it's good for daddy." Notice the one where Gracyn is on the little bike and Ali is next to her. After I snapped the photo, Alicyn managed to accidentally push her sister off. Crash! Gracyn let her know she was not happy with some serious screaming. And finally, the awkward ones are from Ali's view. I wanted to highlight her natural talent with the camera. Ahhh... good times. Stay warm everyone!