Thursday, April 5, 2007

Thyroid Test Results

Gracyn had some blood drawn on Monday to test her thyroid hormone levels since being on the medication. We received a call this morning from Children's Hospital and they said the levels are much closer to where they should be than they were before. They test for 2 hormones and one was at a good level and the other was a little high. They've adjusted the medicine levels and we'll retest again in a 2 weeks. The doctors do not appear concerned, so we think all is well in thyroid land.


Monday, April 2, 2007

Getting life back to normal.

Well, I'm officially back in the kitchen. Our last meal arrived friday, so it's time to get back into my routine. Justyn and I are both wishing Gracyn would get onto our sleeping routine, but we are trying to remain patient knowing she is only three weeks old. Alicyn continues to develop her big sister skills. She is officially in her big girl bed for nights and napping. Graciously, she let her sister take over the crib. She's pretty excited about having the company and gives us her famous eyebrows when we take Gracyn out of the bedroom. This past week we had some delightful weather which allowed us to take our girls on some nice walks around the neighborhood and visit Alicyn's favorite parks. She was not so thrilled to give up her nice stroller and has decided she would much rather walk than lower her standards to the little umbrella stroller. Alicyn also helped us with some yard work this week and a large puddle proved to be a fun distraction while daddy raked leaves and picked up sticks. This past weekend we took a drive into Greenbay for a much needed outing. A visit to Target was just the respite we were looking for.