Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Warm Summer Days

Summer is in full swing for us and we've been loving it. Rae's dad and stepmom came out for a few days after Justyn was out of school. We enjoyed a few fun hours at Bay Beach with them. They rode the train and Ferris Wheel with Alicyn. Alicyn also enjoyed the merry-go-round, planes, boats, lady bugs, and a few other fun rides.

Last week Justyn was in Arkansas for a conference. Rae stayed home with the girls. On Friday, she had a nice trip up to Dan and Karen's with the girls. Rae and Dan and Alicyn went out on the boat and enjoyed a nice relaxing morning.

Our friends Aaron and Laura came into town on Saturday, from Colorado Springs. We enjoyed an afternoon and evening with them. They joined us at church on Sunday where we had Jason Gray sing us some nice tunes, which we really enjoyed!!!! Check out his site.

Saturday was also our 6 YEAR anniversary!!!! YAY!!! Six wonderful Years for us. They have gone so fast, and it's scary to think that in another 6 Alicyn will be in 3rd grade already!!!!!! YOUSERS!!!

Jenna and Ed and Dan and Karen came down to our place on Sunday afternoon for a visit. Grandma and Grandpa babysat the lil' ones while the other 4 of us went strawberry picking. 40 pounds of strawberries later, we got home and grilled some dinner. Wonderful weekend. Rae has busily been making wonderful treats out of the strawberries since we got home, including things like jam, pie, dehydrated strawberries for granola and such, freezing strawberries..... SO good!!!!!

We have also gotten a few new projects done around the house including new front and back doors installed!!!! The list is still long, but we're slowly widdling away at it!