Monday, September 29, 2008

September Fun!

A few new pics for you.  Door County was our destination this past weekend for our last camping outing.  Gracyn took a big digger the first night, so you might notice a fat lil' lip in a few of the pics. Poor thing, but she is fine.  We apple picked with friends and enjoyed biking and ice cream.  All the good stuff :)  The leaves are just beginning to change here and the next few weeks should be an absolute delight to watch.  The kids and I have been busy acorn hunting and finding unique leaves to bring home.  Unfortunately, the acorns had to go after sprouting some magot friends in our display jar.  Alicyn was impressed.  We've added a fish to our family - two actually in one week.  The first one had a tramatic transistion and didn't make it more than the weekend.  This new one, Nemo, seems to be doing just fine.