Monday, April 7, 2008

Animal Lover

So we had a great weekend. Justyn and I had a chance to go to a marriage conference that was wonderful. The main points were: a woman's deepest need is to be loved (and what that does and does not look like), a man's deepest need is to be respected (and what that does and does not look like), and our marriage is ultimately a way to reflect Jesus. What spoke to me most which isn't anything new, but sometimes we need reminded I'm serving for Christ. So ultimately, it isn't about Justyn or the kids, it's about Him. So when I'm frustrated about changing another poopy diaper for the thousandth time or feeding them again or serving in the church or making a meal for someone or.. or..or.. I need to just keep reminding myself "unto Me, unto Me, unto Me." (meaning Jesus, not literally me). It's not about them or myself, but about Him. I know, not that shocking, but it really spoke to this tired mom's heart. Love and Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs if anyone is interested or if you have a chance to see the videos or conference.

So after that refreshing time, we took the girls for a nice long bike ride -or as Alicyn would say "bumpy ride!" Sunday, after worship, we took the girls to the zoo in Green Bay. It was great and the weather was awesome. Oh, and so this brings me to Animal Lover. This morning Alicyn found a lady bug on the floor - "Mommy, I found a lady bug. Let's put it outside." Unfortunately, this lady bug was already dead - I mean sleeping, but we gently set her free outside where she belonged. Now if all these spiders would mysteriously fall asleep....

That's all from here. Will try to get pics up later.