Friday, January 15, 2010

Way to go Daddy!

We are cheering on daddy as today is his last day as school psychologist for Shawano School District. We are very proud of him and excited to see what his new position has in store. Justyn will begin his new job on Monday and is anxious to get started. He will be coordinating the Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports program for the state of Wisconsin - which most of us do not really know what that means, but he sure is excited, so we are excited too. ;) He will have an office in a neighboring town, so no need for us to leave Shawano.

As for us. Alicyn has had a ridiculous about of snot coming from her nose. Grrr. Gracyn charmed us yesterday morning while sitting between Justyn and I. We were holding hands, so she snuggled her hand into ours. We tried to take a pic, but the shot we took didn't do any justice to how our hearts were melting. Very sweet. And yesterday, I wept with joy while dancing and singing praise songs with my little girls. It's been a hard week not understanding God's plan and why we are so blessed when so many hurt and struggle, so it seems like an appropriate time to be grateful for provision and grace and healthy lil' girls that I get to hold tight...

And finally, our menu for the past week. People ask all the time how we eat on such a budget. I plan on $50/week. Keep it simple is my strategy, of course combined with sales, and eating as few processed packaged foods as possible. We try to eat less meat, have a breakfast night and soup is always a hit. We also rarely eat out unless traveling. Thankfully my husband is not a picky eater and seems to be entertained with my frugal ways and my girls are equally wonderful and rarely turn their noses up to a meal. Our lunches are generally left overs, so I am not including those. Breakfast is generally hot cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, toast, pancakes, eggs, smoothies, etc. served with a side of fruit.

S. Packer game. Toasty nachos and oranges.
M. homemade broccoli soup, cheese sandwich, frz cherries
T. pork cutlet, spinach salad, green beans, french bread
W. spinach fritata, sweet potato fries, cantaloupe
R. peaches and cream cheese sandwich, cantaloupe (girls and i took it simple, dad had going away outing)
F. artichoke/olive pasta salad w turkey bacon

If you're not interested in what we are eating. No worries. I understand. Just don't read it :)