Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall 2010

I'm thinking I'm not getting to this much. I'm not much for a blogger I guess...

Fall has found its way back to our home and we are not impressed. Cloudy days. Blah. The only redemption is the tree color, but even that will be gone in a week or two. Blah. Blah. Oh, winter stay away. We can actually handle autumn nicely, but winter ... stinks. Alicyn has decided she would like to have one week of winter during Christmas and then jump into spring. Smart girl.

Football is back. Alicyn started kindergarten which has been quite a transition for all of us. I miss her dearly, but know she is a rock star student. With her steel trap memory, she is the ideal classic student. We have faith she will continue to use it wisely and begin shining in her classroom. Gracyn began attending preschool two mornings a week. She loves it. Very big girl stuff. I'm hoping it will be great for building her language skills. We have a packet of articulation activities to work on together. With fall came Justyn's birthday. 35 finds him healthy and a proud father. I personally think he has mastered the husband skills as well. I am extremely blessed. Too much so probably. My life is incredibly easy compared to 99% of the world. My own fall is falling into routine. The kitchen is in full swing. Unfortunately dishes come with that effort, but I'm a realist and Gracyn always enjoys helping. Hunter has also enjoyed the delight of routine as he is getting his regular walk and it seems we are best of friends again.

Our projects have been winding down. Not much yet to do. Some painting. Always, some painting... Not sure what colors you will find here next. We did get the new windows finished and they look awesome. Special shout out to Uncle Bob for helping. (Also, loving my disposal switch! Thank you!)

No other news. I hope everyone is well and takes some time to enjoy the bountiful colors.