Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring? Is that you?

Finally, some weather to get excited about!  We've been out and about and soaking it all in.  Playing outside all day and eating on the patio the past two nights - well, most of us were eating.  "Mommy, this soup is yucky," was Alicyn's enthusiastic reply to her homemade broccoli soup tonight.  "Oh, well.  We don't always get to eat what we like."  My compassionate response.  ;)  "You gave me too much, Mom." She actually did eat it and decided it wasn't all so bad... lol.  Making me laugh thinking of her face!

Last night Justyn asked me if I had found my glasses yet - which have been missing about a week.  We had searched 2 homes and a motel room for them over the past week.  She must have over heard us and came to us so sweetly and matter of fact, "Mommy.  Here are your glasses."  She handed them over and walked away.  Apparently she found them in my bag. "In the middle." She insisted like I had been looking in all the wrong places and it was obvious they were IN THE MIDDLE.  Cute stuff.  

Justyn is off to kayak tonight.  Too bad for him.  I actually had a surprise planned and babysitting arranged....  Big mistake.  ;)

Gracyn is growing as well.  So happy to have her feet really under her this spring where as last year she was just beginning to walk.  Loving the park and slide.  "Again, again!" She is proud to tell you she is two.  Loves to hum a lil' tune and gives a great hug (usually after attempting to bite or pinch you).  She thinks her lil' giggle/smile can fix any wrong which Justyn was quick to point out sounds a lot like me.

We had a great Easter weekend visiting family and friends.  Had a chance to play at some parks and swim in the hotel pool.  Everyone was so well behaved.  One gal in a restaurant commented on my beautiful family and how well behaved they were.  You bet!  They are precious!  I didn't mention they weren't all mine.  Cute thing on Sunday morning, we had the opportunity to worship with my friend Leslie and her husband, Andy in Iowa.  We were telling the girls about going to this new church and how special it is to be with friends to celebrate Jesus rising from the grave.  We pull in the parking lot and Ali asks kind of frantic, "Daddy is this church?  Where's the cross?"  Our home church has a big ol' cross out front, so she was confused.. hmm this is one of those you had to be there stories.  Trust me, it was cute... Moving on.

While sitting next to my friend's piano, I told her how much I wished I had one - even though I can not play - I have musical roots (that skipped me) and I'm hoping to give the girls (at least) a chance... anyway, she found me a free hand me down.  Just like that.  Justyn is going to call on it and we may be getting a piano to ... look at.  :) Grandma Alice, it'll be waiting for you!  

May's coming.  Alicyn is trying to decide between a Pooh Bear or Care Bear cake.  Big decision for an almost 4 year old.

Enjoy your spring weather!