Thursday, March 27, 2008

Stamps or Stickers?

Check out one of the new pictures. Alicyn went cruising by with her box filled with goodies; the usual duck, bunny, ball, books, .... I did a double take and noticed she had decorated her prized box with stamps! I guess the flowers and fun smiley faces just weren't as cute as the liberty bell!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

He Is Risen!

First, I'd like to give props to Jesus for raising from the dead and God's awesome plan for redemption. Easter is the best time for me to reflect on my old self and and my new. Wow! He has done some serious heart work in my life. I have a lot of growing yet, but the best work yet being in the area of forgiveness. Forgetting and forgiving are totally different, but I'm amazed with how much He has totally blotted from my memory as I give it to Him. Thank you, Jesus! I've been a Christian for 11 years now and just want to give a little praise to my savior on His Super Sunday.

Enough, Rae.

We are good here. The stomach flu and then a nasty cold wiped us out this week. Yousers! Justyn was such great help and I will be very happy to quickly forget about this week. Amelia, made a quick visit, but she didn't find lil' Ali in much of a playing mood. Poor thing. It was great to see the whole Smith family, but it feels like a dream that they were here. Justyn's been working on the dreaded bathroom project. Not sure where his vacation went, but our pink tile shower had a few surprises for him. It was built to last and Alicyn is unfortunately reminding him, "Daddy, you make a big mess. Daddy, you broke the wall." He did break the wall in the hall from pounding on the shower so hard - and the pink tiles still won't budge! Naturally this led to needing more tools - always. ;) We are laying low for the holiday with a quick trip to worship this morning. The girls and I hung out in the nursery so we could help out with all the extra babies. Lots of little ones. Alicyn was happy to find a present this morning. Jelly beans, a puzzle and brush....

Gracyn is moving to move. She's not walking on her own yet, but nothing is safe anymore. She pushes everything and is quick to find you if you have something to eat. Alicyn too, "Mommy, what are you eating?" "I want to eat that too." Before we all became sick she was doing so well with her manners, but apparently the virus took that skill because I haven't heard a please of thank you in a week! Grrr. Why it irritates me so much, I'm not sure.....

A nice snow today. Ali stuck out her tongue and tried to catch some. Nice big flakes that were really fun and floaty. I told Justyn I thought they were pretty. He told me, "Snow is pretty in December"!

A hair cut for me has left me with a little new sass. Good thing, I needed a little pep. I chopped it off for the Locks for Love program and put layers in what was left. It's cute. I'm calling it my grown up haircut. Now that I'm 30 :)

We hung some curtains. They look cute and cozy just like our little cottage. I still don't like the paint, but shhhhhh don't tell Justyn. He's a little bitter over it..... ;) I hear there is a good sale going on across town, so maybe....

Gracie's awake! Happy Easter Everyone!