Friday, January 29, 2010

Praise the Lord - SUNSHINE.

Yes, it's happened. 2 days straight of sunshine. I am grateful!

A few cute words from this week. Justyn and I were attempting to explain the Olympics to the girls and decided to describe it as having a race and someone wins. We asked Alicyn what type of winter sports people could have a race with. The sweetest reply, "Maybe snowman making or snow angels." It was precious. We then found some figure skating on t.v. and she says, "Daddy, can you dance on ice?"

I've been playing volleyball now on Tuesday nights. We play, but do not win. Anyway, I finally ordered some knee pads since we moved up a league I figured I may have to up the game a little. Alicyn saw the knee pads and says, "Daddy! Now we have knee pads to play monster with!" (His knees are always sore on the wood floors.) Also, when I left to play ball on Tuesday night, she gave me a pep talk, "Mom, go hit the ball over the net and win!" My reply, "Okay, well dear, I'll try to get the ball over the net, but we don't usually win, we just play for fun." She looked confused and said, "You can just play for fun?"

Gracyn and I had a chance to volunteer in Ali's classroom on Tuesday. She was very much a big girl, pulling herself up a chair with the big kids (4 year olds). She just loved it, snack time, rug time, dancing, centers and the teacher said she wanted to take her home she was such a sweetie. Yes, we are blessed with two sweet girls.

S - fz pizza, salad
M - left over ckn fried steak, salad
T - broccoli and tofu popovers, salad
W - blk bean avocado taco, pineapple
R - blk bean taco avocado, rice, baked apple
F - ckn wild rice soup, carrots, corn bread
S - frz veggies and broccoli stir fry with tempeh, coucous

I make up a general menu, but don't put it here until the end of the week because it always takes a few changes which is good b/c I can just carry over what didn't get made for next week. I'm all for stretching it...

Have a super weekend! We'll try to put up some new pics this weekend.