Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Ali-gator.

We've got a happy 5 year old in the house. She just can't believe she is fine today and we can't either. Yesterday she enjoyed having some friends over for princess fun and cake. After the friends left, Alicyn came to me right away and said, "Mom, how do you spell thank you?" So sweet. Today we will open some presents...I should wrap them soon....and daddy has promised a Dilly Bar from our newly remodeled DQ. Big happenings.

We spent the weekend having some fun in the Nicolet National Forest. Our intention was to do some projects on Saturday, but our morning walk to the bakery was too enjoyable with the sunny blue skies and the sweet smell of lilacs drifting in the air, so we took off and headed north to enjoy the day in the Nicolet National Forest. It was much more fun than boring house projects.

I can't find my menu right now, but I promise we did eat...pork chops and quinoa, beans and rice - twice, omelets -twice, ...went to a friend's house for dinner....good stuff.