Thursday, December 20, 2007

2007 Highlights

Gracyn Elizabeth joins our family on 3/9/07- She is healthy and beautiful!
Door County with the Girls
Rae's quick visit to Nebraska
Summer Camping Trips
Alicyn Sleeping during Summer Camping Trips
Visits from Family and Friends - we've seen a lot of you! Thanks!
Summer fires (in the fire pit on the patio.) Especially when accompanied by a guitar.
Trip to Twin Cities to visit our friends. Alicyn is STILL talking about it 2 months later!
The idea of using the hammock
Strawberry picking
Our first garden -weeds and all
The completion of several house projects
A White Christmas at Home
Justyn's Valiant Effort to keep his family warm when our heat was out for 24 hours
Justyn and Alicyn going for summer bike rides
Flying kites
Making new friends
Daddy teaching Alicyn to swim

Monday, December 17, 2007

No More Monkeys

No More Monkeys. One of Ali's favorite books. The story finishes by saying, "But no one said anything about the couch...." So imagine a silly girl ready for a nap on Saturday afternoon jumping on the couch. "Alicyn! Stop jumping on the ....." (Big tumble and LOUD SHRILL).

I thought it might need a stitch or two, but the doc just glued it together. She did great. Not a peep once we got in the car to make the trip. She is pretty proud of her glue, but like most 2-year olds still LOVES to jump.