Friday, February 19, 2010

A Quiet Moment

Daddy just took the girls out the door, so I'm going to sit down quick before I get distracted with chores. They are heading to the movie store to rent a video. Gracyn told me, "Mom you stay home. I go with Daddy and Ali." She's very happy to be tagging along with the cool club. Alicyn is hoping for Beauty and the Beast. Justyn took her to see the play last week, put on by the high school theater. It was their little date night and apparently it was wonderful. Justyn said her eyes just kept lighting up and she would smile wide. At the end of the show she got to see Belle up close and told daddy she would like to do that when she is older. I'm pretty sure that means she would like to be a princess when she is older.

Today Alicyn had a friend from school over for her first play date with a classmate. They had a great time and it felt easy for me having some time without having to be the playmate. Gracyn hung in there with the big girls until I told her I was going to make cookies and then she was off to the kitchen with mama. (banana cookies, girls are big fans) The girls played very well until the last five minutes when Alicyn's friend said the word "cheat". I'm not sure what happened, but Alicyn is so sensitive and there was no time to really resolve the ....issue as dad showed up to pick up the friend. So we had our first little friend drama, but I've been reassuring Alicyn they are still friends. More of that to come in the future 15 years. :)

Fun news for me, I have a new camera. Thank you, Justyn! Hopefully, you will notice some better shots of the girls in the future. We'll play with it this weekend and post some pics soon. Not fun news, I have a fever, aches and a cold? Hence, I get the quiet moment while they run for the movie.

Spring is in the air. Well, it will be soon. We had a nice warm up this week with sunshine and the days are getting longer and life is good. Last weekend we enjoyed the weather and a little Valentine date. We left the girls with friends and tried snow shoeing. It was wonderful to be outside in the forest and have a quiet moment for the two of us. I believe there will be more snow shoeing in our future and we would also like to try cross country skiing.

Looks like we get to head to the Dells soon. Justyn has a meeting there, so the girls and I will go along to play in the water. Lucky us!

What's cooking?
S - carbonara (light version)
M - hm ckn nuggets, guac and chips
T - gyro burgers, guac/chips and fruit salad (thank you mom for putting marshmallows in it!)
W - gyro burger, quinoa tabbouleh
R - chicken tortilla soup
F - mini veggie pizza, frz cherries
S - breakfast burros (hm tortillas, tofu, blk beans and veggies)

Oh, they are back! Princess movies and.... it looks like they..... yep, I see Dairy Queen! It's a little girl's dream and a big girl's too. :) As for Justyn???